Syntropy is ushering in a new era of scientific discovery

By unlocking the power of biomedical data, we can drive
breakthroughs in research and transform healthcare together.

Biomedical data is our greatest tool in the fight against complex
disease. To fully unlock the value of data, we must overcome
challenges of unification and collaboration to accelerate discoveries
and ultimately, improve patient care.

Syntropy is a complete solution for data curation and collaboration.  
We work with healthcare organizations to bridge internal data silos —
combining data sets to shape refined, high-quality and analysis-ready
assets, cultivated under one unified platform.

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Our purpose

Our imperative is to unlock the power of data - not own it

Rich, compound data yields unprecedented potential, yet transparency and attribution concerns are stifling scientific synergy and progress.

Our best-in-class ecosystem streamlines collaboration within organizations and across them, harmonizing their unique processes into one centralized governance system which gives data owners full, granular control over its sharing and complete visibility of its use. And with sophisticated provenance tracking, data creators can receive full attribution for every research contribution.

With transparent origination, source data forever retains its significance. This live-state creates dynamic opportunities for multi-layered analytics in diverse semantic languages. As intricate matrices evolve within the platform to probe new inquiries, the foundational data architecture endures. Accredited, unambiguous, and perpetually productive.

Our philosophy


Syntropy enables insights on data without ownership of data. We offer the scientific community a transparent, secure and ethical environment to facilitate partnerships and spur breakthrough research.

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Our philosophy


The fight against complex disease can’t be won alone. Syntropy enables institutions to collaborate to fill knowledge gaps – and develop partnerships to answer challenging research questions – with broad and deep data sets from across the research ecosystem.

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Our philosophy


Principles of transparency and attribution have been lacking in scientific research. Syntropy provides sophisticated data linkage technology to track data throughout the entire collaborative research process. The original data owner will never lose track of how their data is being used, and when their work plays a part in progress, that researcher can be credited for their contribution.

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