A Catalyst
for Collaboration

Transform your healthcare organization with Syntropy - the cutting-edge platform that enables seamless integration, standardized transformation, insightful analysis, and workflow optimization.

Syntropy offers a secure ecosystem for health systems to collaborate internally across departments and externally with research partners. With purpose-based access control, comprehensive data lineage, and tools addressing needs from data intake and interoperability through data analytics, Syntropy unlocks the value of healthcare data for better research and subsequent patient outcomes that compound over time.

Simplified Governance


A zero-trust environment allows organizations to safeguard sensitive information while increasing collaboration.


Syntropy’s security enables regulatory requirements across customers by aligning with frameworks like HIPAA, GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11, GxP, and more.


Actions are meticulously tracked with clear ownership, promoting accountability and transparency, while also allowing for effortless version control.


Data integrations, workflows, and health checks can be executed automatically, ensuring the detection and resolution of issues.

A Closer Look at Syntropy

As a catalyst for collaboration, Syntropy enables technical and non-technical users to work together, sharing real-time insights across contributing departments and cooperating organizations.


End-to-End Pipelines

Build flexible data integration pipelines through interfaces tailored to accommodate the varying technical expertise of each individual user.

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Custom Ontology

Enable robust analytics and extract valuable insights by harmonizing data from diverse formats and disparate systems.

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Top-Down Analysis

Filter, join, and transform data while remaining connected to the source, ensuring updates automatically reflect within transformed datasets.

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Automated Workflows

Leverage automated workflows to proactively monitor, identify, and communicate anomalies, issues, and opportunities as they arise.

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