Integrating Data Sources

Syntropy is a powerful data management and insights platform, designed to effortlessly integrate diverse data sources, harmonize data to organizational and industry standards, and automate repetitive tasks to ensure accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

With an underlying foundation enforcing precision, Syntropy amplifies research through accelerated discovery, trustworthy insights, and scalable machine learning support with robust governance and complete traceability across the entire workflow.

Relevant Data

Syntropy offers healthcare organizations an unparalleled data integration toolset far beyond conventional solutions. With highly customizable capabilities, Syntropy ingests data from any source through our 200+ native connectors and RESTful APIs.

While commodity cloud services provide basic storage and computational abilities to develop and maintain pipelines, validating and auditing datasets with comprehensive traceability back to source is a crucial component that cloud providers lack. Syntropy solves this problem for even the most complex healthcare environments, empowering organizations with a suite of tools tailored across the value chain, including integration and version-controlled data transformation, low-code analysis and visualization, and reporting and alerting, - all protected through user governance and granular permissions.

Build & Manage Pipelines

Taking data to the next level requires automation to extract, load, and transform from source to destination. With so many data sources within one healthcare organization, pipeline maintenance can be a daunting yet critical step to preserving data quality.

Through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, Syntropy empowers organizations to automate and audit their data pipelines to ensure quality, consistency, and accuracy. Criteria can be codified to notify of any errors or issues during the ingestion, transformation and validation processes. For added benefit, our solutions offer simplicity and effectiveness, coupled with the expertise of our professionals available to help you along the way.

Harmonize All Data

Healthcare data is intricate and spans multiple modalities. Inconsistencies and missing data often complicate the already challenging task of unifying and transforming patient data for downstream analysis. Duplicate records, typos, differing nomenclature, and missing values make it difficult to extract the most important details.

Syntropy allows healthcare organizations to identify errors and inconsistencies, harmonizing data into standardized formats that drive value, and fill in missing data through computation all while maintaining the integrity of the raw source data. With traceability from ingestion through transformation, the platform provides accurate, consistent, and reliable results.

Streamlined Integration at Scale


Monitor data quality and pipeline accuracy through automated notifications


Remove latency through real-time ingestion, transformation, and validation


Facilitate seamless integration of data, pivoting to any industry standard as necessary


Integrate and transform datasets regardless of size or complexity

Data Protection
& Governance

Syntropy offers robust governance features, allowing organizations to securely manage how their users interacts with sensitive data. Through control and transparency, Syntropy users can collaborate with confidence and control.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    Securely share data across your organization and with collaborative partners without exposing sensitive patient data.

  • Access & Usage

    Manage data access based on user, role, and purpose-based controls with transparency into who has access to what and why.

  • Versioning

    Enable collaboration on the same dataset with the ability to roll back changes to a previous version in the event the new version is deficient.


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