Optimizing for Innovation

Syntropy’s precision workflow tooling enables health systems and life science organizations to accelerate research by automating processes across data management and analysis.

Implement automation across integration, transformation, and analysis workflows, coupled with real-time anomaly detection notifications, to ensure current and accurate data enables informed decision-making.


Automating workflows in healthcare can be an extremely difficult task due to the complexity of patient data, risk of human error, and resource-intensive processes. However, the benefits of workflow automation outweigh the challenges as it allows for consistent outcomes and improved efficiency.

To simplify the automation process, Syntropy's ontology layer provides predefined objects, actions, and relationships. This layer enables users to customize and reuse existing workflows, promoting consistency and standardization across an organization and its collaborative partners. Additionally, the ontology layer evolves over time, leading to more robust and efficient workflows. This results in significant cost savings and improved agility when responding to changing business needs.


Automating processes has the potential to significantly increase productivity, but it also brings with it the challenge of managing the increased volume of data generated. This data can create noise and distract researchers and data scientists from their critical tasks.

Syntropy offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere automation. It includes a sophisticated monitoring system that tracks the performance of each workflow and alerts users when any anomalies arise. This empowers researchers to stay focused on their primary objectives, while still keeping an eye on any issues that require further investigation.


Identifying areas for further optimization within an automated workflow lead to increased efficiency, bottleneck identification, reduced errors, and improved outcomes. However, finding the flaws can be an exceedingly arduous task.

Syntropy provides a solution, detecting workflow inefficiencies and seamlessly integrating insights back into the data through a sophisticated feedback loop. This approach enables continuous improvement and optimization, informing business logic at the ontology layer to extrapolate the benefits across every associated workflow.

Precision Workflow Automation


Automate the execution of business logic and processes, reducing time and effort to perform routine tasks


Validate data throughout an entire workflow, ensuring each step is free of errors and inconsistencies


Create workflows tailored to your unique business needs, adapting quickly as requirements change


Scale the benefits of established workflows across projects, extrapolating the business impact

Automate Your Business

Syntropy provides healthcare organizations with the ability to create automated workflows to integrate, control, clean, transform, analyze, and more.

  • Governance

    Manage access and monitor usage to ensure privacy, compliance, and security.

  • Transformation

    Aggregate data, split data into multiple datasets and create new fields based on existing data.

  • Analysis

    Perform statistical analysis, build predictive models, and create visualizations.


University of California, Irvine

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