For the Individual

Syntropy breaks down data silos in a researcher’s workflow, integrating data sets from different sources – often disparate and incompatible – to help them make sense of, and use their data.

For the Institution

Once individuals can effectively work with their own data, Syntropy helps accelerate research across an institution by integrating data sets from different departments, while secure permission and attribution technology ensures originators retain complete control.

For the Community

When one institution needs broad and deep data from another to bridge a research gap, Syntropy provides a platform for secure collaboration. Clear data lineage and accreditation means every researcher can leave their individual mark on science while creating collective impact.

How Syntropy works

Designed to the highest security and privacy standards, Syntropy provides a trusted environment to meet all the major challenges of data management, governance, stewardship and sharing that healthcare organizations face today. By enabling collaboration on data without ever taking ownership of it, we aim to serve the collective higher purpose of accelerating research into devastating disease.


Research Organizations

Syntropy addresses the crucial data needs of research institutions and clinical care centers, with curation capabilities that unlock powerful use cases enhancing research and patient care.

Within the Syntropy platform, data is an evolving asset, incorporating analyses from every researcher and clinician who handles the data to ensure its value and impact compound over time.


Institutional Partners

Syntropy works with research institutions to master their data. Our unique platform affords data creators full control and attribution in a trusted and secure environment, streamlining partnerships by solving legal and contractual challenges.

Through these partnerships, life science companies gain access to unparalleled high-fidelity data that captures its full context and the irreplaceable first-hand acuity of its creators. And even in hard-to-track patient populations, partners can aggregate fit-for-purpose cohorts for precision studies.


Research Organizations

  • Accelerate Scientific Discovery

    Identify novel and predictive disease biomarkers, mechanisms of action and treatment-resistance pathways.

  • Improve Patient Observation

    Molecular and outcome monitoring, disease pattern examination and therapeutic efficacy observations.

  • Optimize Operations

    Transform case data across departments and institutions into common data models to supplement existing databases.


Institutional Partners

  • Fast-track Drug Discovery

    Identify target biomarkers and inform translational research design.

  • Accelerate Clinical Development

    Clinical trial data integration, response prediction, label expansion and pragmatic trial or synthetic controls. Create dynamic, choice cohorts for specific use cases.

  • Reinforce Post-Launch Surveillance

    On-market support, effectiveness monitoring, pharmacovigilance data and competing therapy identification.


An ethical approach is at the core of everything we do

High-quality data offers extraordinary opportunities in tackling devastating disease. However, it is critical that we approach the use of data, especially sensitive patient data, with clear sets of ethical principles – entirely distinct from the current big tech approach. This is why we are working closely with academic institutions and thought leaders to establish a common standard on applied digital ethics in the healthcare sector that will reinforce our status as a trusted partner, while sustainably guiding our business.


A secure and collaborative ecosystem that empowers researchers to work together across organizational boundaries

The foundation of Syntropy is our data platform, powered by Palantir Foundry. Syntropy empowers scientists and research centers with industry-leading data integration and analytics technology that bridges internal silos and transforms previously unusable data into refined, productive assets. By unifying data, researchers can increase the rate of hypothesis testing and ultimately, the rate of discovery of novel insights.

Syntropy’s best-in-class platform security ensures data is protected.


Syntropy is powered by Palantir Foundry. Public and private institutions around the world rely on Foundry to organize and safeguard their most sensitive data in accordance with both legal and ethical standards. With this security standard in place, Syntropy customers can be certain their data will remain in their control.


Inbuilt infrastructure for data governance is vitally important for scientific collaboration. The Syntropy platform tracks historical changes to both data and transformation logic, enabling scientists to reproduce and share analyses with the wider scientific community. The platform’s unique data provenance tracking allows for each researcher who contributes to the data asset to be appropriately credited and cited.


Using cutting-edge technology, we have designed a solution where collaborative research and the safeguarding of patient data can go hand in hand. Our data protection and security offerings complement our core commitment to patient privacy and ethical data science.

At Syntropy, compliance with patient privacy regulations is just the starting point. We hold ourselves to strict ethical standards, ensuring that the innovative research we enable can be done both safely and responsibly. The platform’s robust security architecture enables scientists to effectively collaborate on research, while granular access controls ensure that the original owner of a data asset retains full control, even in dynamic environments.

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