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After navigating the crucial first steps of data integration and harmonization, referencing ontologies, and deciphering the relationships between data objects, creating high-fidelity analyses that were once onerous are now simplified.

Syntropy offers a seamless blend of drag-and-drop modules and robust coding support, designed to elevate analysis across a wide spectrum of use cases, accommodating each user’s level of expertise.


Syntropy provides healthcare organizations with a wide range of interactive tools to help make sense of complex datasets and identify key insights. Users can quickly sort, filter, and group data, uncovering patterns and relationships. When trends or anomalies emerge, users also have the ability to drill down into specific subsets of the data.

Syntropy acts as a bridge between researchers, data scientists, data engineers, and subject matter experts, allowing for closed-loop feedback within the platform. This cross-functional collaboration enables faster innovation and speed to truth.


To drive innovation in the healthcare industry, it's essential to interpret complex datasets accurately and efficiently. The integration of diverse patient data from sources such as EHRs, diagnostic centers, laboratories, IoT devices, and others can be better understood with the use of charts, tables, timelines, scatter plots, and other visual aids.

With Syntropy, users can create reports using advanced visualization tools and seamlessly share them with stakeholders. This extends the ability to make data-driven decisions ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.


In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry, innovation is key to enhancing the quality of care. However, the development of new treatments and therapies is a complex and time-consuming process that often involves multiple clinical trials and experiments. Traditionally, healthcare organizations have relied on retroactive analysis to assess the effectiveness of their clinical trials, which can lead to significant delays and missed opportunities.

Syntropy's platform enables cohort, treatment, and outcome comparison through simulation, providing valuable insights that accelerate the innovation process. With Syntropy's technology, healthcare organizations streamline the clinical trial process and develop new therapies faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Analysis Use Cases

As an effective method to identify, analyze, and address the specific needs and challenges of a healthcare organization, the Syntropy platform uncovers insights to optimize research with many analysis use cases including but not limited to:

Patient 360

Evaluate patient-level demographics, lab results, treatments, and more across time and organizations.

Cohort Builder

Filter the entire patient population to fit the eligibility criteria of a clinical trial within a few clicks.

Site Selection

Examine your entire organization to uncover sites with the right patient cohorts for clinical trials.

Biomarker Discovery

Leverage your data to drive cutting-edge science, be it novel biomarker discovery or predictive models to prevent readmissions.

Coding Optional

Syntropy is designed to provide every user, regardless of their level of technical proficiency, the formidable capability to conduct comprehensive and intricate analyses.

  • Researchers

    Researchers can leverage Syntropy’s point-and-click tools and drag-and-drop features to explore and visualize data – all without ever touching code.

  • Analysts

    Analysts benefit from Syntropy’s ability to perform advanced data transformations, custom analysis, and visualization using languages like SQL, R, and Python.

  • Data Scientists

    Data scientists can leverage Syntropy’s advanced features conducting complex statistical analyses, developing custom algorithms, and building predictive models.


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