All About Syntropy

What does Syntropy offer?


Syntropy is a new ecosystem that unlocks the depth, breadth, and power of the world’s scientific data by bringing researchers and institutions together to unlock data silos and drive scientific and clinical outcomes.

How does Syntropy work?


The foundation of Syntropy is our data platform – industry-leading data integration and analytics technology that bridges internal silos and transforms previously unstructured data into refined, productive assets. It puts source data at an organization’s fingertips, with transparent origination so it can forever retain its significance.

Syntropy breaks down data silos and integrates datasets from different sources, allowing researchers to explore defined relationships between factors with increased ease. For institutions, we can quickly build fit-for-purpose cohorts, while leaving the data owner in control and able to grant secure, governed access to chosen collaborators, tailored to any compliance protocol.

How does Syntropy help accelerate research?


Syntropy plays a key role in accelerating scientific research in three ways:

Breaking down data silos:
Syntropy breaks down the data silos in a researcher’s workflow, integrating data sets from different data sources – often disparate and incompatible – to help researchers make sense of and use their data.

Simpler collaboration:
Once individuals can effectively work with their own data, Syntropy helps accelerate research across an institution by integrating data sets from different departments, while secure permission and attribution technology ensures they retain complete control.

Secure collaboration:
When one institution needs broad and deep data from another institution to fill a research gap, Syntropy provides a platform for secure collaboration. Clear data lineage and attribution means every researcher can leave their individual mark on science while creating collective impact.

What benefits does Syntropy offer individual researchers and organizations?


As a collaborator in Syntropy’s ecosystem, participating institutions have access to data from multiple institutions. Partners can aggregate fit-for-purpose cohorts for specific use cases - even in hard-to-find patient populations. Individual researchers will be able to integrate different data sets from different data sources, which are often disparate and incompatible. Healthcare organizations will be able to accelerate research across the institution by bringing together data sets from different departments, with ease and security.

What is Syntropy’s approach to the usage of data?


Traceability, contextualization, and governance are built-in at the core of the Syntropy platform. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that the innovative research we enable can be done responsibly, ethically, and safely. The Syntropy data platform is powered by Palantir Foundry, which features industry-leading data protection functionalities at its core. Building on rigorously tested and proven security and privacy-enhancing features, we have designed a solution where collaborative research and the safeguarding of patient data can go hand in hand.

The platform’s unique data provenance tracking allows for each researcher who contributes to the data asset to be appropriately credited and cited. Each data point can be traced back to its raw dataset, and each dataset’s permissibility is always viewable. Data is also tracked downstream, so users can track where and how exactly their data is being used. In this way, Syntropy tackles both internal and external data siloes within organizations to maximize efficiency and encourage cross-collaboration.

Contextualization:Syntropy puts source data at an organization’s fingertips, curated in its original context, rather than depending on less reliable information from aggregators. Its data integration platform tracks historical changes to both data and transformation logic, enabling scientists to reproduce and share analyses done with the wider scientific community.

Syntropy does not own any customer data, whether patient data or other types of data. Further, Syntropy is limited in its access to that data to technical support and facilitation services for the use of Syntropy technology by institutional partners, in line with the scope of contracts with those partners, as well as all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

What was the inspiration behind the establishment of Syntropy?


Syntropy’s top priority is to be a positive force in the fight against the countless healthcare challenges we face today. Leveraging biomedical data to accelerate scientific research and find treatments and cures is something no single team or institution can do on its own. We believe that responsible data-driven collaboration has the power to transform healthcare and accelerate scientific discovery.

What makes Syntropy different?


Traceability, contextualization, and governance are built in at the core of the Syntropy platform. This means researchers and clinicians can curate data with collaborators in a trusted and secure environment - capturing its full context and their irreplaceable first-hand insight to maximize quality and usability for all.

Who is behind Syntropy?


Syntropy combines the scientific expertise of EMD Digital Inc., an affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, with Palantir Foundry’s unique technology to offer the scientific community a platform that can create a step-change in research and be a catalyst for change across the industry.

What kind of data can be analysed using Syntropy?


Raw datasets can be uploaded directly onto the platform. Syntropy’s transformation capacities allow users to transform this raw data in a myriad of ways, including tools for digital mapping, chart generation, data extraction, and data visualization.

What are Syntropy’s long-term goals?


Our vision is to be a positive force in the fight against life-threatening diseases. Knowing that leveraging biomedical data to accelerate scientific research and find cures for these diseases is something no single team or institution can do on its own, we believe that responsible data-driven collaboration can transform healthcare and accelerate scientific discovery. Central to our approach is deep partnership – we aim to connect to the right data and researchers to establish the foundation for transformative collaborations amongst the most impactful institutions.

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